Welcome to Marcia’s Photos! Please understand photography is my hobby, not my job. I’m certainly not a professional photographer so please don’t expect professional quality pictures! The good news is I don’t sell my photographs; I give them away - to coaches, kids and parents. I love to get feedback and can be reached via e mail at -

TO DOWNLOAD A PHOTO FOR FREE you will need to select the photo into a larger size than the thumbnail, place or hover your mouse over the picture, then you'll see a drop down menu --> at the bottom will be a file folder with a green arrow --> click that file folder icon to download your picture. There are not enough hours in the day for me to edit or post process all the photos I take so don’t expect perfect pictures, unedited pictures is usually what you get. Once you download the picture you can adjust exposure, color or crop to your own likes. If you want you can click "buy" to have pictures printed and sent to you or you can download them to your computer for free - that is totally up to you. I make NO money from this site or these photos either way.

You have my permission to download and edit pictures of your athletes from this website. You may use my photographs for things like family, yearbooks and even your local or school newspapers, but I DO ASK THIS - PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT where appropriate.

I hope you find a photo or two of your athlete or team, but if I didn’t happen to capture your athlete I’m sorry. Please understand I try to get all the kids on at least one event but sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way! FYI – I’ve taken out what I consider to be really bad pictures. I do not like rear end or crotch shots, so they’re the first to go! I’m my own worst critic and would probably take out a lot more pictures before publishing them to the web for you, but I’ve had kids tell me a blurry picture or one I may not think is very good is better than no picture at all, so for that reason you’ll see some pictures that are not the best quality photographs.

And to the coaches, if you host a meet please consider allowing me floor access, as you can see I take and share pictures of all the kids and teams, not just my own.

Both my kids were varsity gymnasts at Rockwall Heath High School. My daughter, Megan, graduated in 2010 and my son Kai, graduated in 2013. For that reason you will see many of pictures of Heath and Rockwall HS athletes - I'm proud of our athletics, especially the great gymnastics programs, in Rockwall ISD!

As I said before I’d love to hear your comments or if you have any trouble with this site or getting pictures ~~ please feel free to send me an e mail -